HQD was founded in 2015 and has set itself the goal to offer the customer the best vape experience through high quality products, with a wild variety of flavours. We are an international team and focus on research and development to provide you and millions of other Cuvie fans high quality e-shishas of the next generation. We see ourselves as pioneers of e-shishas. In meantime, we have become a global brand that has now also arrived in Europe. 

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We see it as our task to offer smokers a cleaner alternative to smoking cigarettes. We have done a lot of research and investigation to offer the best alternative to smoking ciga­rettes. Our result: Oxygen is the burner! But we are aware that it is not easy to stop the consumption of cigarettes. One of the best known reasons for the physical and psycho­logical addiction to cigarettes is nicotine. Studies show that it is not nicotine but tobacco smoke that poses a health risk. Cuvies contain nicotine and are therefore a real alternative to quit smoking cigarettes. They taste incredibly fruity, moreover the perfectly balanced aromas in cuvies do not damage blood vessels or the heart. Propyleneglycol is the main component of e-shishas and has been classified by the European Chemicals Agency as non-respiratory irritant.
Other components have been found to be negligible. Furthermore, smoking cessation with e-shishas is 70% more successful than with traditional methods. If you are a nerd and need specific information, you can check the homepage of “Verband des eZigaretten­handels”. We are here for you, no matter if you smoke for fun or if you see Cuvies as a healthier alternative to cigarettes.

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Correct, e-shishas are not a world first. Everywhere you go you will find vape shops springing up like mushrooms and people steaming in the corner with their big and ugly machines. Honestly, who wants to unpack a huge machine from their backpack just to get a few smooth moves out of the e-shisha? Cuvies are sexy! Small and seductive like a cigarette but as durable as a hangover after a wild party night. No cleaning, no refilling, no charging. Cuvies are disposable e-shishas with more flavours than fruit variety in a supermarket. We like to talk big, but we also have a lot to offer. Our Cuvies are the most yummy disposable e-shishas you will ever taste, really bro.
Whether you’re hustlin, on the motorway, playing games in bed or under the chair at the dining table, Cuvies can be steamed everywhere without polluting your surroundings. No stinky hands, clothes or bad breath scaring away creatures, just chill out and pull the cuvie. No annoying refilling, recharging or cleaning, we do it for you. Join the revolution and switch to the healthier alternative.